Agreement Bot Discord

A unique feature is the ability to connect 2 channels of any discord that hackerbot can see. However, the set-up is 1 way, because in discord the command will be used for messages that will require the command to be entered in both discords to obtain a two-way communication. RulesBot is a bot developed by and is the best version of BetterBot! We`ve re-geocoded all the features and made the mutch setup easier for everyone! If you have a question, you can join our support discord server! I created a server that has a section for Twitch subscribers. I used Dynobot to define a “rules-agreed” role that a user should enter “?agree.” But without agreeing with the rules, people can see the subsector that I did, because they have their discord. Any ideas on how to set permissions for the “Only Under” section to avoid this? The best RulesBot on discord. The new update is also amazing. There are so many things you can put! Thank you for your assessment. If you need help, you can join our support discord server. If you and your friends are in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can use DiscordTip to make it easy to automate cryptocurrencies. There are two main application cases for DiscordTip – you can make orders so that users can send or set a cryptocurrency to each other, so that users can send advice to the owner of the Discord server. RulesBot is the best bot on discord that facilitates rules and verification on servers.

Hackerbot is primarily an automod robot. The automod entry displays all of Hackerbot`s automod features that includes word and name filtering, anti-spamming, the strength of a settlement/TOS agreement for new users, user reception and ease of use of the reaction-based roll association. Carl-bot can also record all messages and it has a very powerful set of moderation tools, so you can ban, alert or send users bad behavior to private spaces where they can discuss their reprehensible behavior. After you`ve added Hackerbot to your server, enter;help to see all available commands that are also included below. And be sure to join the support server if you have any problems. MEE6 also has a leveling system to promote user engagement and connectivity, as well as powerful and customizable filters to cut out trolls or NSFW content. You can also use MEE6 to create notifications when content is displayed live on Twitch, YouTube and Reddit. MEE6 does a lot of things in addition to moderation, but it has a very useful and automodern automatic spam filter. You can enable this in the Moderators section of your online dashboard, where you can turn off things like annoying caps and emoji spam, links to other servers, external links and mass references.