Western Colleges Agreement In State Tuition

It depends, but here`s an example: If the tuition at the “Best Western University” you enroll in is $10,000, your WUE rate is $15,000 ($10,000 x $1.5). If you paid the full non-resident interest rate, you would pay $20,000, which would save you $5,000 ($20,000 to $15,000) per year. Please note that this is only an illustration. Check directly with your enrollment institution to see what the tuition fees are for your place of residence to calculate your WUE rate. In the last school year, more than 26,700 students saved $210.8 million by enrolling through WUE. The agreement limits the number of New Mexico students PCC can accept and favors residents of Grant, Hidalgo and Luna counties. Each participating school is allowed to administer the WUE lesson reduction according to its own rules. You will need to check the admissions or financial aid page of the school you are interested in to make sure you know what your school needs. For example: The Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) helps higher education systems in the western United States share resources with each other, including reciprocity of tuition fees. “DIE WUE allowed me to attend an extra-state university that offered my major: a bachelor`s degree in dental hygiene. It also challenged me to work towards achieving my goals within a set time frame. Yes, that`s right. Not all majors are available at the WUE rate.

Participating institutions have the option to exclude certain majors from the WUE tariff. Typically, these are programs that are in high demand by residents of the state, such as nursing .B. To find out if your major is “WUE eligible”, check the institution`s profile on our website. For example, the University of Hawai`i Manoa does not have a separate application, but it will inform you in your admission letter if you are qualified for WUE. If you think you qualify but have received regular tuition outside the state, you can contact them about your WUE status, but this may be due to one of the following exclusions: PCC participates in the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE). Through WUE, residents of 14 Western countries can enroll in PCC at a reduced rate of study, 150% of PCC education. Most institutions require you to ask for the WUE rate BEFORE starting classes. They can go to the accrediting body to see if this is possible, but it is very unlikely that they will give retroactive instruction at the WUE.

Also make sure that, if you have received the WUE discounted rate, you will have received it in writing from your recommended institution. The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) is an agreement between the 16 member states and the territories of WICHE, through which more than 160 participating universities and public universities allow Western students to make significant savings on tuition fees for non-residents. Since full tuition fees for non-residents can exceed 300% of the population, WUE increases affordable higher education opportunities for students and minimizes the negative effects of student loan debt. I just learned for WUE and started classes. Can I request the WUE study rate after I register? WUE (pronounced woo-wee!) allows students outside the state to receive a significant study discount; You often pay no more than 150% of the state`s tuition, compared to regular out-of-state tuition, which can be 300% of the state rate. For example, California residents pay about $5,742 for tuition at California State University. .